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Turning complexity into simplicity, and making concrete symbols abstract concepts, DOUCHANGLEE, a brand repositioned in 2014 by the Taiwanese fashion designer duo, Dou and Changlee,has saught perfect balance between retro and futuristic aesthetics. The designer duo introduces innovative approaches to make contrast with classic tailoring. Adding artsy concepts to their designs also creates extra values out of ordinary materials.These methods exude the designer duo's passion and thoughts for fashion.




Born in Taiwan, Dou and Changlee met each other in the fashion world and have been cooperating with each other well all along. With their unique aesthetics and talents for fashion design, they stood out and won the Taiwan Fashion Design Award during their student lives.Dou and Changlee both believe that," life is design, and design is life." Based on human and constantly colliding with tradition and innovation, the designer duo expresses their ideas through clothes, and won Designer of the Year in ELLE Style Awards in 2013.