The design of STEPHANEDOUCHANGLEEYUGIN stores is associated with modernism and industrial arts. By adopting pipes, metals and mirror finished stainless steel, a stretchy, interlaced and twisted feeling is shown in the space. These energetic tracks have combined visional art with practicability. All materials are presented in the row appearance which responds to the minimal designing concept of the brand.

In order to achieve a perfect combination of fashion and space, STEPHANEDOUCHANGLEEYUGIN has collaborated with talented architects in creating a whole new shopping experience.

In 2003, the first concept store [wum] was burn. A strong visual impress is presented to the public by adopting industrial materials and various metals. Tube, the main concept of the store is inspired by the deconstructionism. A black tunnel which connects the first and second floor takes visitors into an unexpected space. The continual curve of the second floor not only links the capacity of the space together, but also responds to the name of the store- womb [wum].

In the end of 2007, 'MeSH' , the second Taipei concept store made its debut in the artistic Eastern area. By naming 'MeSH' (mesh), the refined fashion attitude was conveyed to the public. Over hundreds of laser-cut punched metallic webs in the ceiling, the high-low three-dimensional gradient effect connected to the organic curve shape of the marble flooring offer a spectacular vision. 

In spring 2008, the Taichung concept store- Metal house was opened in Taichung Port Rd, the famous neighborhood of international luxury brands. By adopting the local architectural theme of the metal house, the facade and interior space was coated by the waved metallic boards, the avant-garde industrial feeling was delivered. The stair permeated the building is a major feature. The transparent glass was used to allow light penetrates to each floors and create a various shadow projected onto the wall. By designing all sorts of square windows upon the building, during the day, the street sights and daylight are exposure as an art gallery, while at night, the quite but blooming light shows a simple low-key fashion taste.

STEPHANEDOUCHANGLEEYUGIN debuted the first southern Taiwan concept store next to Kaohsiung Hanshin in 2009.  The exterior of the building is inspired by the famous Bias-cut which is widely used by Haute Couture. The bias-cut crosses to its warp and weft threads and skillfully accentuates lines and curves, thereby the bias is considers as an important feature of the revolution of the garment history. Bias also stands for a strong feeling in favor of things which can be seen as personal style.

In summer 2012, the second Taichung concept store- T.Z.Y was opened in HuiLai Urban Land Consolidation (Phase VII), a brand new luxury shopping district. Covered by waved metallic boards, the store has an appearance as a huge metal box from the future, landed in the prosperous concrete jungle. With the idea of bringing an oasis to the city, the interior is brimming with tropical plants, which creates an illusion of being in the mirage of the city. The conflict of cold metallic material and warm natural plants show a brand new way of architecture to communicate the fashion.

By extending the same concept, STEPHANEDOUCHANGLEEYUGIN appropriately develops their stores in every condition.